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Tomato Processing

Whether you call it Tomāto or Tomάto, we’re your number one stop for all your tomato needs!  This is one of our expertise in this industry . Together with our international partners and manufacturers, we can supply the following production lines, to name just a few:
Tomato paste, Ketchup and Sauces, Diced tomato, Tomato juice, Sun dried tomato, Dehydrated tomato powder.


Tomato Paste
Welcome to our world of tomato paste!
Diced Tomato or Peeled Tomato
Whether you want to just peel your tomato and pack it or dice them and pack it, we can provide you with the technological needs to do so.
Ketchup and Sauces
We can design your sauce line to be a stand-alone as well as a multi-purpose line; the choice is yours.
Other tomato based products
Whether you’re thinking of dehydration solutions such as Sun dried tomatoes and Dehydrated tomato powder, we are your number one stop for all your tomato needs.